mineXpert features

Various data plot types
  • Any number of mass spectrometry files can be loaded

  • Automatic calculation of the TIC chromatogram

  • Data integration in any direction:

    • from TIC chromatogram to mass spectrum or drift spectrum

    • from mass spectrum to drift spectrum or TIC chromatogram (XIC)

    • from drift spectrum to mass spectrum or TIC chromatogram (XIC)

  • Plot filiation with a color code

mz as a function of dt color map
  • Automatic detection of ion mobility mass spectrometry data

  • Automatic calculation of the mz=f(dt) color map

  • Integration to mass spectrum or to to drift spectrum

Various plot analysis methods
  • Various data analysis methods:

    • Select plot range with delta calculation

    • When applicable, automatic deconvolution (mass spectra):

      • On the basis of the charge state envelope peaks

      • On the basis of the isotopic cluster peaks

    • Integration of a given range to the corresponding TIC value

Slice and export data or plot
  • Slice a big mass spectrometry data file into multiple files with subsets of the initial data:

    • Slice by sub-file number

    • Slice by plot ranges

  • Specify how mining data are to be recorded:

    • to the console window

    • to the clipboard

    • to file (overwrite | append)

  • Export of the displayed plot range to a simple text file (x,y format)

Scripting console
  • JavaScript-based scripting of the mineXpert application:

    • Run mineXpert program with a script file

    • Script the running program from the console:

  • Full history management

  • Multi-line script statements

  • Colored history and script output:

    • green: success

    • black: undefined

    • red: failure