The screen casts of the mineXpert2 software
This is a quick overview over the main new features that were introduced in mineXpert2.
Overview of the numerous trace navigation modalities (panning, zooming...).
Setting proper m/z integration parameters.
This video explains the importance of configuring the bin size when
performing integrations to a mass spectrum.
Using new integration results inside composite widgets.
This video explains the various ways new mass spectral data integration results
might be inserted into either new plot widgets or integrated into
existing plots. A demonstration of one strategy to define proper m/z
bin size is described at the beginning of the video.
Performing chained integrations to explore MS data in their full depth.
This video shows how to chain a number of different integration
types to pin point the most elusive feature in a mass spectra data set.
Performing XIC chromatogram computations on multiple MS run data sets.
This video shows how to extract ion current chromatograms from any
number of MS run data set loaded in memory.